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The log cabin was built by Syver Torkelson, an immigrant from Norway. It was one of many log homes that he built as he was well known in the area for his skill with his axe. Syver used his hand ax to cut and shape all of the logs for a new cabin for his son Edward. The cabin was built on a farm about one mile north of Cushing, Wisconsin and in later years was abandoned and fell into disrepair. George Sornson, from Minneapolis and a prior resident in the Cushing area, purchased the cabin; and in 1973 had it moved to a site on Wolf Creek. Mr. Sornson spent many weekends of the next 20 years restoring the log cabin to a pristine condition. He donated the cabin to the Frederic Area Historical Society in 2003 so that the building would be preserved as a local historical artifact. The society moved the building to Frederic in 2004 on a site adjacent to the depot/museum and the old library building. The building and site are currently undergoing development.


P.O. Box 1/210 West Oak Street • Frederic, Wisconsin 54837 • 715-327-4892 • 715-327-4158

MISSION (in part): To give recognition to those who have developed this area and remind current and future generations that everyone and everything leaves permanent "FOOTPRINTS IN TIME."

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The depot/museum is open on weekends and holidays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The season begins Memorial Day weekend and continues through leaf season in October. Tour guides are on duty. If you would like a special tour, call 715-327-4892 or 715-327-4158 for arrangements.

We continue to seek railroad memorabilia and items as well as well as items and photos, newspapers and newspaper clippings from Frederic's past.




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