Village of Frederic

A beautiful place to visit, a great place to live!

107 Hope Road W., P.O. Box 567

Frederic, WI 54837

Office 715-327-4294

Fax 715-327-4455


Rebecca Harlander • 2018

William Johnson IV • 2019

Maria Ammend • 2019

Jeff Carley • 2018

​Ginny Clausen • 2017

The mission of the Park Board is to acquire, improve and maintain the Village of Frederic’s parks and open spaces for the purpose of providing active and passive recreational activities, land and water preservation and restoration and environmental education for its residents.

The Park board serves as a advisory board to the Village Board of Trustees and is responsible for:

  1. Supervision and recommendation of all acquisition, maintenance, operating rules and improvements for all park lands.
  2. Submitting an annual budget to the Village Board
  3. Submitting a written summary of all meetings and all citizen comments or concerns to the Village Board.
  4. Recommending any changes, practices, procedures or improvements which the Park Board determines is in the village's best interest.


A beautiful place to visit, a great place to live!

Village of Frederic