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Why should a community plan?

Planning is a basic function of local government in Wisconsin. Comprehensive plans and land use regulations such as zoning, building codes, design standards are, for the most part, locally designated. Planning commissions and local elected officials prepare plans in order to preserve the public health, safety and welfare of the community. Effective planning ensures the orderly development of land within the planning jurisdiction.

The Village of Frederic plans for a number of reasons:

  1. To protect the public and preserve our quality of life. Effective planning can reduce problems such as road congestion and prevent development in high-risk areas like flood plains and steep slopes. It can also ensure that open space and viable agricultural lands are protected from development.
  2. To develop a community vision and achieve our goals. The creation and adoption of a Comprehensive Plan provides the blueprint a community needs to realize its vision for the future. An effective planning process will engage the public and build on the strengths of the community. The Comprehensive Plan is more than just a list of goals. It is also a map that allows the community to achieve these goals through specific land use policies and actions.
  3. To protect private property rights. More then often, planning is seen as infringing on, rather than enhancing, private property rights. While regulations like zoning may place limits on the way an individual landowner uses his or her property, land use regulations, at their core, are intended to protect the property rights of all landowners in the planning jurisdiction. Striking the balance between individual liberties and the public good is critical to every planning effort.
  4. To encourage economic development. Good planning provides the kind of certainty and predictability that developers, lending institutions and business owners seek. Planning can help outline future capital improvements and infrastructure a community will need to continue to grow. Good planning can also ensure that sufficient land is available for residential and business development.

Successful and prosperous communities don’t just happen, they must be continually rethought and redesigned. A community must actively manage its growth and respond to changing circumstances if it is to meet the needs of its residents and retain the quality of life that originally attracted those residents to the community.



Becky Amundson

Scott Domagala

Bob Jorgenson

Mike Peterson

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The mission of the Planning Commission is to assist in the adoption and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Frederic, recommend zoning changes and administratively act on development proposals.

The Planning Commission meets on a need-to basis.

Planning Commission Minutes:


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