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Upcoming Election Schedules

Polling Places open at 7:00 am and close at 8:00 pm.


Spring Primary Election – Tuesday, Feb. 15
Spring Election – Tuesday, Apr. 5
Fall Primary Election – Tuesday, Aug. 9
General Election – Tuesday, Nov. 8

Regularly Scheduled Elections

Spring Primary

Primary held on the third Tuesday in February to nominate non-partisan candidates to be voted for at the Spring Election.
State Statute 5.02(22)

Spring Election

Election held on the first Tuesday in April to elect judicial, educational, and municipal officers, and non-partisan county officers, and to express preferences for the person to be the presidential candidate for each party in presidential election years.
State Statute 5.02(21)

Fall Primary

Primary held in even-numbered years on the second Tuesday in August, to nominate candidates to be voted for at the General Election, and to determine which candidates for state offices other than district attorney may participate in the Wisconsin election campaign fund.
State Statute 5.02(12s)

General Election

Election held in even-numbered years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November to elect United States senators, representatives to congress, presidential electors, state senators, representatives to the assembly, district attorneys, state officers other than the state superintendent and judicial officers, and county officers other than supervisors and county executives.
State Statute 5.02(5)

How to Register

Registration is open until 5:00 pm 20 days before an election. You may also register at the polls on Election Day. Wisconsin requires 28 days to establish residency at a new address. Temporary absence does not affect residency. Time spent away from your residence still counts toward the 28-day residency requirement as long as you intend to return. When registering, you must present Proof of Residence, a document showing your current name at your current address. You cannot register to vote at a post office box. View acceptable forms of Proof of Residence.


You may register to vote at My Vote Wisconsin if you have a valid, unexpired Wisconsin driver's license or Wisconsin ID, and your address on file with the DMV matches the address at which you are registering to vote. If the DMV does not have your current address on file, update your address on the DMV website before updating your voter registration at My Vote Wisconsin.


During open registration, Village of Frederic residents may register to vote at the Village Hall, 110 Oak Street E. 


Registration forms are available on the Wisconsin Elections Commission website. To register to vote by mail, download and print the application and mail the form to the Village Clerk's office. The registration form must be postmarked at least 20 days before the election. You will need to include Proof of Residence with the form.

Mail application to:
Village of Frederic
PO Box 567, 110 Oak Street E
Frederic, WI  54837

Military Voters

Members of the military are not required to register to vote but must complete forms to vote absentee. Military and overseas voters may download their absentee ballots online. Learn more about how to vote absentee.

Overseas Voters

Voters who have moved overseas with no intent to return to live in the United States may continue voting for federal offices from their last Wisconsin address. These voters may register and request absentee ballots using the Federal Postcard Application. Voters who are permanently living overseas do not need to send proof of residence with their voter registration.

Homeless Voters

Homeless voters PDF who do not have a traditional street address may register to vote using the map on the registration form to indicate a location they return to on a regular basis. They may use a letter PDF from a social service agency (public or private) as proof of residence.

Felony Convictions

An individual convicted of a felony PDF  may register to vote after completing the terms of the felony sentence, including probation or parole.

Register during Closed Registration

Once registration closes at 5:00 pm 20 days before an election, you may only register to vote in the Village Hall, during absentee voting hours, with proof of address, until the close of absentee voting the Friday before the election.

Registering prior to Election Day is highly recommended to avoid long lines. However, it is possible to register at the polls on Election Day.

Vote Absentee

For federal elections, absentee ballots will be in the mail beginning 47 days before the election. For elections that do not include federal offices, absentee ballots will be in the mail beginning three weeks before Election Day. All absentee ballots are sent to the polls to be counted on election day. 

Voters may verify their registration, polling place, sample ballot, and absentee ballot status at My Vote Wisconsin. (

In-Person Absentee Voting - This can be done at the Village Hall 110 Oak Street E. The Village Hall is open for voting from 9 am until 3 pm M-F and other times by appointment, please call prior to coming in to make sure the Clerk will be available when you arrive.


Delivery by Email - Send your absentee request to Be sure to include your name, address at which you are registered to vote, email address to which the ballot should be sent, and a copy or picture of your voter ID (if not already on file in the Clerk's Office). The deadline to request an absentee ballot is 5:00 pm the Friday before the election. 


Delivery by Mail - An Absentee Ballot Request is available for your convenience, but you are not required to use a form. You may submit an absentee request at My Vote Wisconsin (click on Vote Absentee at the top of the website), or you may send a written request that includes: 


Village of Frederic Address

Address to which the ballot should be mailed


Copy of voter ID, if not already on file in Clerk's Office

Send the request via email to or mail the request to:


Village of Frederic

PO Box 567

Frederic,  WI   54837

Ballots will be mailed out through the Thursday before the election. Absentee ballots must be received in the Clerk's Office in time for delivery to the poll on Election Day. 

Permanent Absentee Ballot - If you are indefinitely confined you can receive an absentee ballot on a permanent basis by printing out and mailing in the Permanent Absentee Ballot Request. 

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