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Boards and Committees


Village Clerk/Treasurer: Janice Schott


Village Board

The Village of Frederic is an incorporated municipality with a board of trustees form of government. The Board of Trustees provides policy direction to the village staff, enacts laws, adopts a budget, and has the power of appointment over all employees, the Village Attorney, and other standing boards and committees. The Village Board meets the 2nd Monday of each month in the Village Hall at 7 pm. Trustees are elected for a two-year term beginning the 3rd Tuesday in April after the election.


    Amanda Blackmon:


Rob Lillehaug:

Brad Harlander: 

Duane Wisse:

Jackie Peterson:

Ben Morris:                                         

Patty Swenson:

Planning Commission

The mission of the Planning Commission is to assist in the adoption and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Frederic, recommend zoning changes and administratively act on development proposals. The Planning Commission meets on a need-to basis.

Amanda Blackmon, Chair

Rob Lillehaug

Mike Peterson

Kris Hackett


Public Works Committee

The Public Works Committee oversees the water and sewer utilities and the street department.

Duane Wisse, Chair

Rob Lillehaug

Ben Morris

Park Board

The mission of the Park Board is to acquire, improve and maintain the Village of Frederic’s parks and open spaces for the purpose of providing active and passive recreational activities, land and water preservation and restoration and environmental education for its residents.

Rebecca Harlander, Chair

Ginny Clausen

Jeff Carley

Maria Ammend

Patty Swenson

Personnel/Finance Committee

The Personnel and Finance Committee handles all employee issues and reviews. The Committee also assists the treasurer with the annual budget process.

Patty Swenson, Chair

Jackie Peterson

Duane Wisse

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals makes a ruling or recommendation to the Village Board regarding all “nonconforming use” of land, dwelling or a building as stated in the current zoning ordinance records.

Brad Harlander

Dale Desjardins

Brandon Dahl

Amy Gjonnes

Jim Tinman


The Governance Committee reviews and updates Village Ordinances as necessary. The Committee also handles all applications for the Facade Loan Program.

Ben Morris

Rob Lillehaug

Brad Harlander

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